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HR Policy

With the management principle of “create value for clients, and provide a platform for our staff to pursuit happiness and realize the value of life”, HENR is committed to create a big family of unity and fraternity, and all members of HENR are equal and respectable.

Training Mechanism

HENR Technology invests a large amount of training fees every year, and has a beautiful, multi-functional and modern training center.

The thorough Elite Cultivation Training Mechanism has been providing a platform of self-development for our elites.

Development Program

HENR people enjoy the professional career paths, which is including R&D, quality, finance, IT, HR, business, marketing, service, production and a comprehensive subject.

1. Management Path: new employee--supervisor--section chief--department director--director --assistant president or above (company leader)

2. Profession Path: new employee—junior—intermediate—senior—expert—senior expert

Diversified Improvement Opportunities

1. Job Rotation: Help to overall improve your professional skills in different positions.

2. Job Transfer: When there is a vacancy, you can apply to transfer your job on the basis of competence and willingness.

3. Job Competition: All of our staff has the equal opportunity to compete for an important vacancy when there is no suitable candidate.

4. Internal Qualification Assessment: HENR pursues internal qualification assessment in different specialties to help our staff to be more professional.

5. Paid Education: HENR selects some excellent staff and pay for their further education

6. Deputy Appointed: HENR provides chances for excellent management staff to transfer their positions or deputy appointed, so as to improve their management skills and problem-solving ability

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