In November 2014, HENR was selected to “2014 China Equipment Innovation Pioneer Award” and won the “Technology Innovation Award”.

In 2014, HENR self-developed product “Eccentric Torque Stepless Adjustable Vibration Mechanism” obtained the US-authorized patent.

In Jan. 2014, HENR hydraulic drilling rig won the Silver Prize for Patents in the 3rd Guangxi Invention Achievement Exhibition Fair.

In Dec. 2013, HENR first complete drilling jumbo--D89 fully-hydraulic drilling rig was marketed.

In Oct. 2013, HENR signed a project investment agreement with Nanning municipal government for 1000sets/year hydraulic drilling rig.

In 2013, HENR self-developed product “hydraulic resonance breaking hammer” obtained the US-authorized patent.

In June 2012, HENR signed with PTC USA and implemented the PLM system.

In 2012, HENR core product “excavator hydraulic drilling rig” obtained the national invention patent license.

In Mar. 2011, 90D, the longest single rod rock drill in China was officially rolled off the assembly line.

In 2011, HENR was selected to “Major Technological Equipment Recommending Project” by National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In Oct. 2010, the first self-developed and produced hydraulic drilling rig was successfully rolled off assembly line and entered into operation in quarry.

In Oct. 2009, Guangxi Henri Technology Co., Ltd established.

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